Saving lives “Sound The Alarm” -Houston,TX

On Saturday June 29, our organization MIRA USA took part in the “Sound The Alarm” event together with the American Red Cross. Throughout the day, residents of Channelview, TX were benefited with the installation of more than 180 fire alarms by our volunteers.

During the event, volunteers from MIRA USA and the Red Cross were divided into different groups within the community reaching areas that are vulnerable for having the greatest risk of fires. The city’s fire department was also present at the event lending their support.

The purpose of this campaign was to prevent house fires by which it consisted of making home visits to community members and installing or changing the batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

Families who benefited from this event were educated on how to create an evacuation plan and what to do in case of fire.

MIRA USA volunteers were essential during this event, as they worked as interpreters for Hispanic families whom benefited from the program.

According to data provided by the American Red Cross, 7 people die every day because of house fires, hence the importance of saving lives by avoiding these unnecessary risks. The work done by the volunteers ended with great success helping more than 60 families.

Video interview Paula Jemison- Regional Prepardness Manager / View photo gallery Here