Norwalk Connecticut – the second workshop to lose the fear of the Citizenship Exam

Norwalk Connecticut

With the participation of an immigration officer was held on Saturday July 20 in the city of Norwalk Connecticut the second workshop to lose the fear of the Citizenship Exam.

The number of assistants at Norwalk Public Library was 36 people, including 6 foreigns (Non-Spanish speakers) who lived an intense simulation, in which they interacted with our Volunteers which had been previously prepared for this Workshop.

In the workshop we worked on fundamental issues such as knowing what to expect on the day of the interview, the questions of Form N-400 and, similarly, the hundred Civic questions. The Mira USA Volunteers served as immigration officers.

The workshop began with an introductory talk and the order of the day, continuing with the presentation of the Immigration agent. Once this was completed, the practical simulation was carried out, working with groups separately.

Once the review and team work was completed, we proceeded to work individually with each person, seeking to experience in the most real way, what it would be to be in front of an immigration officer in the final interview.

At the end of the workshop, a qualification was given to each person, seeking to identify flaws that could be improved for the day someone has to present themselves in the real interview. The simulation was a great help, since after completing it, were identified and answered the concerns and fears that the assistants had, allowing them to become familiar with the terminology and procedures that could be presented that day, as well as respond with confidence in the best possible way to an official.

The workshop was held from 10 am to 2:30 pm, where people from different places of Connecticut and Westchester New York participated. Finally we want to highlight the collaboration of the well-known El Periódico “El Sol” headquarter located in New Haven Connecticut, who covered the workshop from the beginning to the end of it; besides they kindly helped us about the promotion of the event days before.