Shelter Fundamentals Class -Elizabeth,NJ

Elizabeth, NJ – On Saturday, November 9, the immigrant community in Elizabeth, New Jersey participated in the “Shelter Fundamentals Class” held at Peterstown Community Center. 

In this training, 38 of our volunteers had the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the procedures to establish, execute, and close a shelter in the case of a disaster. With the assistance of the Red Cross, our miraistas were eager to learn how could not only be of physical assistance but also be of an emotional help as well. 

One of the Red Cross volunteers emphasized that with a simple smile and a little attention to those who were influenced by a disaster, makes a huge impact. On occasions like these where people have suffered tragedies and therefore no longer have their homes, usually have many emotions bottled inside. Therefore, our volunteers, can make them feel better by sitting down and being there listening to what they’re feeling and their stories. 

In conclusion, our miraistas were very attentive to each of the guidelines that were given during the class. Many questions arose from our volunteers as the class progressed, so they were satisfied to receive the answers indicated. There was a lot of interaction between class instructors and miraistas. Everyone was passionate about continuing to learn and train from the fundamentals of refuge.

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