Dozens of families clear doubts and inform themselves in the workshop “There are Scholarships” Charlotte-NC

Dozens of families clear doubts and inform themselves in the workshop “There are Scholarships” Charlotte-NC

Charlotte, NC – With the assistance of dozen of families, the workshop “There are Scholarships” was successfully held in the Queen City, where parents and students were informed about everything related to the university admission process.

The event was held on Saturday, January 18th in conjunction with: The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC), and the participation of Latin Americans Working for Achievement (LAWA), a local organization that awards scholarships to Latino students.

In this second workshop that MIRA USA conducts on the subject of higher education, information was given about the different types of scholarships, grants and resources that exist every year to provide those people who want and aspire to further their education regardless of their immigration status.

As explained by Ana Rey, of LAWA, the scholarship program is based on the academic merit of the applicants, financial need and community service.

“We deliver these scholarships once a year, and the amount varies between $1,000 and $5,000, it depends on which scholarship they qualify for, and they can be renewed for four consecutive years,” said Rey.

On the other hand, Juana Hernández, from CFNC, said on the subject of scholarships, that there is a large number of these grants both at local, state and national levels, for students with or without an immigration status, which are granted by private entities, companies, and foundations, among others.

“I want them to know that there are so many scholarships… there is a lot of money available, but sometimes people don’t know,” said Hernandez, who shared with the participants a list of sites to find these resources.

The official also spoke about available federal and state aid, loans with and without subsidies, and eligibility.

The speakers encouraged families to “not give up” during the process of entering a university, as happened with two young students, Paulina Carmona and Daniela Ramírez, who told their testimonies about benefiting from scholarships despite not being eligible for other funds.

After three hours of the event, the participants left satisfied and grateful to MIRA USA for organizing this free workshop.

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