#MIRAUSAInforms: COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

#MIRAUSAInforms: COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

  1. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a nation-wide temporary eviction moratorium for certain tenants through January 31, 2021. Additionally, the Texas Supreme Court has issued an order in support of the CDC’s declared moratorium.

Who qualifies?
I. Those who have done your best to take advantage of government assistance for housing and rent.
II. Those who meet which one of these income requirements:
a. You will earn less than $99,000 (or $198,000 when combined with your spouse) this year
b. You were not required to pay taxes in 2019
c. You qualified for an income stimulus check earlier this year.
III. You are unable to make your full rent or housing payment because of a loss of income or large medical expense
IV. If evicted, you would either become homeless or enter a shared living space (like living with a family member or staying at a shelter).

What are the next steps?
I. Every adult listed on your lease should fill out the declaration.
II. Take the declaration(s) to your landlord.
III. Make sure to document that you delivered the declaration — by video, by getting a signature, or through certified mail.

Please note that this order only delays evictions. You are still required to pay rent and other housing payments, including late fees and penalties. You still need to follow the terms of your lease or other contract — this order does not prevent evictions for reasons other than delinquent payments.

If you need help, call the Eviction Defense Coalition Hotline: 713-982-7340.