“Business Competition: A New Way to Start Your Business” a Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Houston, TX- On Saturday, August 25, 2018, MIRA USA completed a workshop that encouraged and motivated many emerging entrepreneurs in the Hispanic community.

As entrepreneurs, the search for resources to promote a business is fundamental. Houston is a city that encourages the creation of small businesses since it has always had a positive attitude towards commercial growth. However, to be successful as an entrepreneur it is vital to know and explore different ways to promote an idea and get investors to support it.

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Tabbie Saenz, a business mentor with extensive knowledge in business from BakerRipley, stressed the importance of creating a business plan that describes the main aspects of the business. With the business plan, entrepreneurs will have the possibility to enter the business competition that BakerRipley organizes each year in its entrepreneurship program. This competition has enabled many entrepreneurs to get closer to their dream of starting their company. Also, the winner of the competition will get all the legal and commercial advice they need to start their business. With the help of audiovisuals and examples, he also showed that the incorporation of a logo and visual materials is fundamental to capture the attention of the consumers.

BakerRipley has programs for the education and training of future entrepreneurs. This workshop and other programs are given at BakerRipley in Houston.

Emerging entrepreneurs from the city of Houston expressed their satisfaction and desire to continue with their business plans. They also thanked and showed their support to MIRA USA as it serves the community as a constant information channel.