MIRA USA Begins Activities in Philadelphia by Introducing Community Program, “Happy Homes during Times of Crisis”

Philadelphia, PA- MIRA USA successfully began to work in the city of Philadelphia, PA with the event called “An Afternoon of Colombian Treats” This event served as a stage for the introduction of the monthly community workshop program called “Happy Homes in Times of Crisis.” The program is scheduled to run from May to November and will offer the local Hispanic community support in the areas of health and nutrition, the environment and safety, civics, school as a tie to the community, school desertion prevention, and planning for economic security.

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MIRA USA Offers Oral Health Workshop

Philadelphia, PA- With the objective of continuing its help to communities in need, MIRA USA organized a workshop titled “Prevention in Oral Health” in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This workshop was led by Dr. Diana Silva, an orthodontist from the University of Pennsylvania, who carried out a pleasant and thorough presentation on the care required to maintain oral health. Important topics during the seminar included oral cancer and its prevention through auto oral exams as well as the state’s CHIP program which guarantees children access to medical and dental care.

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Know The Truth About Your Heart! MIRA USA Teaches You

Kendall, Florida – “Know the truth about your heart!” was the name of the MIRAUSA conference held on April 28 in the town of Kendall, FL, where participants were taught about heart disease and how to prevent it. Today, knowledge of this illness is essential as it has become a major public health issue in the United States. The conference was led by Dr. Fulgencio Garcia Guzman, the head of the Cardiology Department of SanBlas Hospital in Bogota, Colombia.

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