MIRA USA Informs: Inscriptions of Medicare from October 15th to December 7th

#MIRAUSAInforms: The period for inscriptions and renewals for beneficiaries of the health insurance system called Medicare has started. The inscriptions start this week, from October 15th to December 7th. You can obtain more information at https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare/ or https://www.medicare.gov/ where you will also be able to determine if you want to make changes to your health […]

MIRA USA Informs: Texas Driver’s License Appointments and Food Assistance

1. The Texas Department of Public Safety announced that from October 3 through December 19, 2020, residents who need to apply for a driver’s license, renew an existing one, or get identification cards in Texas, will now be able to schedule their appointment on Saturdays. All this to catch up on delays caused by the […]

MIRA USA Informs: Replacement benefits for lost food

If you lost food because of a power outage during Tropical Storm Isaias and you buy groceries with SNAP, you can apply to get some of your SNAP dollars added back to your EBT card. Fill out and submit a replacement form to your local Department of Social Services (DSS) within 10 days of the […]

Participación clase de fundamentos de refugio-Elizabeth,NJ

Elizabeth, NJ – El Sábado 9 de noviembre, la comunidad inmigrante de Elizabeth, New Jersey participaron en la clase de fundamentos de refugio que se llevó a cabo en Peterstown Community Center.  En esta capacitación, 38 de nuestros voluntarios tuvieron la oportunidad de adquirir conocimiento sobre los procedimientos para establecer, ejecutar, y cerrar un refugio […]

Taller Pierda el Miedo a la Ciudadanía Houston, TX

  MIRA USA Houston TX – Taller “Pierda el Miedo al Examen de Ciudadanía con MIRA USA” Houston TX- MIRA USA llevó a cabo el taller “Pierda el miedo al examen de ciudadanía con MIRA USA” el cual tuvo lugar el pasado 4 de Mayo de 2019, en el Centro Comercial Plaza de las Américas […]

The Latino community gets educated about the voting process.

Charlotte, NC – Fifty latinos managed to get educated about the voting process. A time to exercise their right as citizens in the upcoming presidential election scheduled to began on October 20 in North Carolina.  Click here to see pictures of the event. MIRA USA  hosted The “nonpartisan” event on Saturday, October 15, held at […]

Conference entitled: "Financial Aid: Myths and Realities" in Houston,Texas.

Houston, TX – On Saturday, August 13, MIRA USA held a conference called: “Financial Aid: Myths and Realities” in the Kendall Neighborhood Library, in the city of Houston, Texas. Click here to see pictures of the event. The free lecture of two hours of duration and offered in Spanish had the opportunity to inform the community about […]

MIRA USA volunteers help prepare a field to build a playground in a Latino community

Charlotte, NC – A neighborhood of mobile homes northeast of Charlotte will finally have a playground that will benefit more than 200 Latino children.  After dozens of Miraistas and Kingswood residents were given the task of paving the ground where the playground will be placed. Click here to see pictures of the event. The activity was held […]