Participación clase de fundamentos de refugio-Elizabeth,NJ

Elizabeth, NJ – El Sábado 9 de noviembre, la comunidad inmigrante de Elizabeth, New Jersey participaron en la clase de fundamentos de refugio que se llevó a cabo en Peterstown Community Center.  En esta capacitación, 38 de nuestros voluntarios tuvieron la oportunidad de adquirir conocimiento sobre los procedimientos para establecer, ejecutar, y cerrar un refugio […]

Career Development and Training program

With our Career Development and Training program, we seek to create and optimize the skills of immigrants so that they may be competitive in the job market. Through the implementation of informative workshops and work interview simulations, we aim to help people prepare themselves to acquire a job.

Saving lives “Sound The Alarm” -Houston,TX

On Saturday June 29, our organization MIRA USA took part in the “Sound The Alarm” event together with the American Red Cross. Throughout the day, residents of Channelview, TX were benefited with the installation of more than 180 fire alarms by our volunteers. During the event, volunteers from MIRA USA and the Red Cross were […]

Workshop: Overcome Your Taking of taking the Citizenship Exam- Elizabeth,NJ

Elizabeth, NJ – On Saturday, June 29, dozens of individuals were able to attend our successful workshop “Overcome Your Taking of taking the Citizenship Exam” at the Peterstown Community Center. Through this workshop, 87 residents acquired knowledge about the citizenship process, the eligibility requirements and were able to study the questions of the N-400 application. […]

Lose The Fear of the Citizenship Test

From its very beginning, the United States has been a country that has opened its doors to immigrants from all parts of the world allowing them to know, visit, and live in this country. Because of this, more than 7,400,000 immigrants have become naturalized citizens of this country. The language barrier and the lack of […]

Education is the Key to Success

Our program, “The Key to Success is Education,” wants to inform and motivate hundreds of immigrants and their families to continue with their intellectual preparation. Education is an engine of integration that not only allows immigrants to have better economic and social dynamics in the country, but also allows them to contribute to the nation’s […]

Overcome the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA Orlando, FL

  This summer in the city of Orlando, we presented the workshop “Overcome the fear of taking the citizenship test ” in the public library, South Trail Branch. In the workshop we had the participants review the bilingual questions of the N-400 application, the 100 civic questions, and they were also able to practice some […]

Overcome the Fear of taking the citizenship test with MIRA USA Miami, FL

On Saturday June 1st MIRA USA in Miami, FL held the citizenship workshop: “Overcome the Fear of taking the citizenship test with MIRA USA” More than 130 people attended the workshop which began with a MIRA USA presentation. This gave the participants the opportunity to know more about what programs we offer in order to […]

Event “Sound the Alarm – Save a Life”

On Saturday May 4th and 11th Our branches in Arlington, Rockville, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, New York Y Philadelphia joined the American Red Cross in the “Sound the Alarm – Save a Life” event with the purpose of helping to install free smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods to reduce by 25% the deaths and injuries that […]