Great Resume Workshop in Dover NJ!

On February 1th, 2020 the “Resume and interview” seminar was hosted by MIRA USA in Dover, NJ with the goal of helping immigrants in the community achieve more work opportunities. The event took place at Artes in Randolph, NJ. At this event people actively participated and benefited greatly.

This seminar was directed by four professionals with experience in human resources, and included information about techniques used to strengthen a resume for a competitive job, and how to prepare for an interview in the U.S. Additionally, those who attended had the opportunity to have their resumes revised and edited to improve them.

This event was organized due to the number of immigrants that need help to find better work opportunities in the U.S. Many workers do not know the correct way to present themselves to an employer when there is an opportunity for a job. In many cases, immigrants are not aware of the requirements that can make an impact in front of an employer when he or she attends an interview.

The trainers guided immigrants during the presentation by using sample resumes submitted by others and providing tips for improvement.

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