New York, NY- For Community Board 3, which brings together important sectors of Jackson Heights, Elmhurts, and Corona, in the city of Queens, New York, it is customary to hold the “Leon Von Holden” health fair on the second Saturday of June each year.

Click here to see pictures of the event.

And as usual, the festival took place on June 10th at the Corona Health Center, which was attended by 40 volunteers from the MIRA USA organization supporting the logistics of the event and in the same way attending the assistants giving them valuable information about the different services that the organization provides to the immigrant community.

About 600 visitors from this area were able to choose which medical service to receive: pressure, dentistry, diabetes check-up, ophthalmology, ear diseases, and podiatry, which is the specialty of medicine that treats various disorders of the feet, among others. 

“People know that this fair is every year, which is free and very diverse, so it is pending and comes to receive these services,” said one of the attendees.

But not everything was directed to the physical health, also to mental health and is little artists, groups of dancers, singers and Disney characters equally provided fun, entertainment, and recreation.

Thus, the MIRA USA organization fulfills once more the community, helping to assist those who need it because “HELPING MOVES US.”

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