Houston, Texas – Last Saturday, May 27, MIRA USA volunteers in Houston hosted an Entrepreneurship Seminar: How to Create Your Own Business. Through the accomplishment of this event,  intended to inform people who have the possibility and the desire to start their own business, and provide them with the most successful way to be able to do so. The turn out of the event benefited approximately eighty people in the community.

Click here to see pictures of the event.

The speakers who are professionals in the area of business and entrepreneurship like, Víctor Acosta, an Industrial Engineer with a master’s degree in business administration and Mario Varela, M.B.A. They made known the different factors that must be taken into account before making an investment, to have a wider perspective and avoid mistakes.

With their experience, the panelists gave to observe and analyze the prospect in this field and the implications of being an entrepreneur. According to Engineer Acosta, “this is a good time to start a business, but we must first analyze what the business proposal is.” He also said that if the person feels comfortable taking risks, then he has that “unique element that can help you become an entrepreneur. “

Through the different topics,  there was a space provided for the participants to dispel doubts and concerns. With the willingness of our panelists to support MIRA USA in this successful seminar,  Víctor Acosta gave three consultations were given free of charge. 

Successfully completing this mission with the community once again the Miraists had the pleasure of culminating this seminar with great success.

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