MIRA USA Volunteers Continue Participating in the American Red Cross “Disaster Relief” Training to Help Those in Need

On Saturday, August 17, MIRA USA volunteers from Maryland and Virginia attended a Red Cross Training, located at the Washington, D.C. headquarters, titled “Everyone is Welcome in Our Home.” During the first training session from 9am-10:30am, MIRA USA volunteers learned about the Red Cross’ commitment to helping the needs of victims of natural disasters without making any exceptions. Our MIRA USA volunteers also learned the importance of providing services to those in need and understanding the importance of providing resources and accommodations for people with disabilities.

The second training session, “Shelter Fundamentals”, took place from 11:00am-1:30pm. It focused on learning the complex requirements of running a shelter in an efficient manner. MIRA USA volunteers learned about the operations within a shelter, the resources required, and the best practices on how to open and close a Red Cross shelter. MIRA USA volunteers also participated in a group activity in which they replicated different potential shelter operational scenarios such as: assigning leadership roles within a shelter, allocating resources, food and sleeping arrangements, registration, emergencies, and how to properly close a shelter by providing notice. Each group presented a mock scenario on how they would’ve handled the different operational aspects of running the shelter.

To conclude, the volunteers were invited to tour the Red Cross headquarters to learn about the history and impact that the Red Cross has had these past few years. This training session was comprised of several dedicated MIRA USA volunteers and 4 Red Cross volunteers.


The American Red Cross :

  • Steven Colon – Coordinator

  • Joseph Prewitt-Diaz – Exponent

  • Cara Noverio Senior -Disaster Program Manager

  • Paul Carden Regional – Disaster Program Officer

MIRA USA volunteers from Maryland and Virginia

  • 29 Miraistas

  • Maryland:14

  • Virginia:15

Training : “ Everyone is Welcome in our house” and “Shelter fundamentals”

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