1. The presidential Election Day in the United States is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and the state of Texas offers absentee ballots by mail to voters who will be unable to vote in person as well as early voting.

a. Those who wish to vote by mail must complete an application and meet the following requirements:

i. Be 65 years old ii. Be sick or disabled.
iii. Be out of the county on Election Day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance. To download the registration form “ABBM” and see the instructions for sending the application you can access the web page that will appear in the video description (https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/voter/reqabbm.shtml ).

It is important to note that the ballot must be sent before November 3rd.
b. Early voting in Texas is open from October 13 – October 30, but dates and hours may vary based on where you live.
c. You can go to the website you see in the video description https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/languageChange.do to review:

i. Voting registration status.
ii. Poll location.
iii. Early voting location.
iv. Registration information.
v. Key Election Days.

d. Members of the military, their families, and US citizens living overseas can request a ballot in this link https://www.fvap.gov/ to vote from anywhere in the world.