Tampa, FL – On Saturday, November 16, the fourth workshop “Lose the fear of taking the citizenship test” was held in Tampa where 60 permanent residents received the necessary tools to get prepared for the naturalization interview.

Tampa USCIS Officer did a detailed presentation of the naturalization process and talked about possible changes in the N-400 form and the citizenship test. According to the Officer, “the immigration reform is in process and has not yet been approved. It is expected that the fee of all immigration procedures will rise and that the form and examination will change, but there is nothing concrete yet.”

In this sense, immigration lawyer Jorge Rivera, was a little more specific in saying that: “Although the fee increase has not yet been approved, it is expected to be above $ 1,200 …” and that: “changing the N-400 form will also change the exam and the interview and therefore it is advisable to take advantage now to submit the application before these changes take effect.”

All participants had the opportunity to witness the mock interview, and to ask their questions in a general and individual way after the mock interview. In addition, participants who already have their immigration appointment had the opportunity to conduct a mock individual interview to lose their fear.

This workshop met the purpose of educating the immigrant community about the citizenship process and the changes that are in the approval process, as well as resolving their doubts and concerns, and preparing to pass the exams and interview. All people left very satisfied and grateful to MIRA USA for the help given to the community.

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