Astoria, NY – At 7:00 p.m. on Friday, December 7, the doors of the Astoria Manor event hall in New York opened its doors to start the 2018 gala dinner; receiving the 833 attendees who gathered to celebrate an evening of artistic presentations, music, runways, and awards; but above all, valuing the social work carried out by MIRA USA through its institutional programs at the national level.

Enlivening the first part of the night by Juan Carlos Polo Jazz Duo, behind the scenes, designers and models, with laughs and cheerful souls, organized the last details for their first runway. The designers Hugo Herrera, Narcisa Caicedo, Vicky Castrillón, Nancy Burbano, Milvia Romero, not only showed their talent but also put their creations ready, moving to the future and imagine and capture a beautiful suit that will dress volunteers miraístas

Nancy Burbano, a designer who made her first runway, never thought that she would get so much joy in one night, after so many days of work in her creations. “Everything was very beautiful, full of joy and we were directed in a very friendly way and very clearly. But the best thing was that we all helped each other, we collaborated with each other in the performance of the show. ”

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It is clear that the MIRA USA organization deeply values its volunteers, for this reason, it could not miss in this night the award for the most hard-working volunteers, the Golden Ant, is a prize that enhances the work of each of them within The organization. In this opportunity was given in New York to: Juan Carlos Rojas, Narcisa Caicedo, Rosa Cortéz, Patricia Cruz. This award was also given at a regional level, the Golden Ant was given in Connecticut to: Nancy Chica and Virgilio Perez. In New Jersey to: Nayeli Alejandra Riofrío and Jose Carlos Ferraz. In Maryland to: Nibia Guerrero and Jessica Viviana Larot. And two special mentions Yaneth Rivera and Orlando Arango, they were awarded in previous years as Golden Ant, this year their excellent work continued in favor of the immigrant community and the benefits of many others.

Passing the night, the brave miraists are called to the platform, who with their great hearts were motivated to join together with the American Red Cross of New York to the beautiful task of helping those in need of Hurricane Michael in the State of Florida.

The evening that was coming to its end, delighted the attendees, sponsors and institutional teams with an artistic presentation of Karla Flores School of Dance, a dance representative of Colombian folklore.

Special thanks to all the people who with their contribution, made possible the realization of the gala dinner 2018.


Accurate General Corp

Alfonso Van Uden Moncaleano

Corona Metal Corp

CT Flooring Services LLC

Dalila Pinero Esthetician


Euro Style Hair Salon

Jenn & A Management

Laffey Real Estate

Lily Crow Spa

Lori Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Morris County Organization for Hispanics Affairs

MS Nestorov DDS PLLC

Pelle Dolce Aesthetics


Princess Beauty Salon

Quality Waterproofing Services LLC

Roosevelt City Pharmacy

Rosa Construction LLC

Rosaura’s Bilingual Services

Smart Solutions

Sport Cuenca League Kids Inc. (Cuenca Kids NY Soccer Academy)

Spplus Corp.

SV Maintenance Inc.

The Factory East Inc.

Venus Salon Inc.

LaGuardia ACE CUNY

Patiño Eye Care

American Lease

Shirkali Cleaning LLC

Well Care Health Plans Inc.


Acri Café

Ahorra Driving School

Aroma de Mujer Glamour Colombiano

B&B Pharmacy INC

Harmony Day Spa

La Fonda Paisa

Luna Design

MD5 Construction

Mister Cangrejo

Network Associates of America, Inc. Registered Mortgage Broker

Offsite Payroll Solutions LLC

Olivos Opticians Inc.


Tech Bezel by Qazi Adil

Vantana Education


C Town

Café Olé

Doherty Enterprises

Panera Bred

Special Acknowledgment:

American Red Cross

CNC Dressmaking & Tailoring

IP Management Solution

Karla Flores School of Dance

Payaso Pachote