the official signing of the partnership between MIRA USA and the American Red Cross.

On October 19th, MIRA USA celebrated a tremendous event: the official signing of the partnership between MIRA USA and the American Red Cross. During this celebration, which was broadcast live through our social media accounts, the Miraists hearts beat proudly and unanimously across the nation, as we watched our Director Maria Clara Mur’s signature establish this great joint effort. 

It was a joyous occasion for both national organizations. We were joined by senior Red Cross officials such as Susan Rounds, interim CEO and Dario Diaz, RDO, both from the American Red Cross Greater NY Region, who were the first to introduce the event; followed by remarks from Henry van de Putte, CEO of the American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region, who is also in charge of the American Red Cross Latino Engagement Initiative, as well as Earl R. Brown, National Partner Relations & Agreements Manager based out of the Red Cross Headquarters in Washington D.C.; they joined us with memorable anecdotes of their work with MIRA USA volunteers in their respective regions. 

A beaming Darío Díaz thanked MIRA USA for all of the help provided thus far and had an opportunity to share with the audience the origins of this historic partnership. Mr. Díaz looked back at the year 2012, the peak of Superstorm Sandy’s devastation in New York, when the Red Cross of Greater New York found itself in a great shortage of volunteers. A Miraist by the name of Hector Julian Hernandez happened to be working with Darío at the time. Julian eagerly shared with Darío that he knew of an organization with volunteers that were filled with values and virtues whose objective was to bring help to all communities; this intrigued Dario and moved him to invite MIRA USA to help with the task of disaster response. MIRA USA enlisted 200 volunteers who provided immediate assistance to those in the disaster areas, and thus the Red Cross’ admiration for the organized MIRA USA volunteer force began. To this day, this mutual support continues with programs such as Saving Lives, a home-fire awareness campaign, and with the official nationwide training of Miraists in shelters, client services and bulk distribution.

After the Red Cross committee’s humbling statements, the directors from MIRA USA began their speeches starting with Director Mrs. Maria Clara Mur, who joyously addressed all those gathered and those joining in from afar by giving an introduction to MIRA USA and the values of Miraism. She also thanked the advisors and site directors that were present from the Northeast region. While expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Mur highlighted the importance and inspiration that is Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive’s work as it has sown values and virtues in MIRA USA and its volunteers’ hearts. 

Mrs. Mur thanked Mr. Díaz for the statement he made regarding this alliance being very important because it “united two great forces” highlighting the prestige of the American Red Cross as well as the force behind MIRA USA, described by Director Mur as “volunteers of great heart, which is a seal of quality.”

To finalize the event, Mr. Carlos Andrés López, director of Special Projects for MIRA USA expressed his gratitude towards the volunteers and the efforts by each organization, leading the way for new and great things to come.

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