Last Saturday, October 19, we conducted an adult education seminar aiming to give information about the education resources available, including information on financial aid and available scholarships.

 At MIRA USA we believe that “Education is the key to success” and that is why we partnered Adult and Career Services Center in Tampa, whose mission is to prepare the student for life by being a “one-stop shop” to offer education and work opportunities.

 Druci Diaz, Program Advisor, provided detailed information about secondary education programs, technical colleges, university degrees, evaluation of foreign degrees, and job opportunities.

 This seminar served the purpose of providing unknown information to the Hispanic community in Tampa Bay, in addition to motivating participants to learn or improve their English proficiency, finish high school or take the GED, and locate post-secondary school programs to improve their working conditions.

 Thanks to MIRA USA, the participants who obtained technical or university degrees in their countries of origin understood the process of evaluating their grades to make their credentials work for them and in this way make the shortest path for the realization of their dreams in the U.S.

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