workshop There are Scholarships -West Palm Beach

MIRA USA Palm Beach organized a workshop called “There are Scholarships” led by the guest speaker, Erik Moncada, Lee Rodriguez and Jeannett Manzanero from Palm Beach State college at the Palm Beach Public Library, Lantana branch. MIRA USA volunteers welcomed community members who attended the workshop while a brief video introduced our organization.  Dr. Jeannett […]

Workshop Planning and Financial Organization Orlando, FL

The “Planning and Financial Organization” event was a complete success in the city of Orlando. Our organization MIRA USA along with the team of Allgen, Financial Advisors enjoyed of a very nice evening with the Co-Founder of the company Allgen, Paul Roldan. On this evening we talked about the fundamentals of financial planning. Our participants […]

Financial Planning Worshop in West Palm Beach

Last Saturday, January 26, our 2nd free financial planning workshop took place in the city of West Palm Beach. The workshop was led by Allgen Financial Advisors, specialized professionals who instructed the 40 attendees how to effectively manage their money. The topics included: -Budget planning -Saving Vs. Investment -Credit – Retirement accounts To see images […]