March 12, 2020 – Our organization, MIRA USA, has decided to postpone all of the national events scheduled for the months of March and April starting today. As an organization, it is important for us to act responsibly. That is why we have taken these preventative measures to prioritize the health of our volunteers and […]

“Lose Your Fear of the Citizenship Exam” was widely accepted at Frederick!

With great reception we held on March 7th, the MIRA USA workshop “Lose Your Fear of the Citizenship Exam”, where approximately 50 people who attended benefited from the information on how to apply for citizenship, the most common mistakes when Apply and the necessary requirements to become a US citizen. This workshop was held at the […]

Great Resume Workshop in Dover NJ!

On February 1th, 2020 the “Resume and interview” seminar was hosted by MIRA USA in Dover, NJ with the goal of helping immigrants in the community achieve more work opportunities. The event took place at Artes in Randolph, NJ. At this event people actively participated and benefited greatly. This seminar was directed by four professionals […]

Overcome the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA Orlando, FL

  This summer in the city of Orlando, we presented the workshop “Overcome the fear of taking the citizenship test ” in the public library, South Trail Branch. In the workshop we had the participants review the bilingual questions of the N-400 application, the 100 civic questions, and they were also able to practice some […]

Overcome your Fear of the U.S. Citizenship Process West Palm Beach, FL

This workshop offered in Spanish was focused on providing information to people in the process to apply for naturalization to become United States citizens.  An officer from USCIS provided information to the participants regarding the requirements and steps to present the application N-400. He also gave individual orientation to participants according to their particular situation. […]