workshop There are Scholarships -West Palm Beach

MIRA USA Palm Beach organized a workshop called “There are Scholarships” led by the guest speaker, Erik Moncada, Lee Rodriguez and Jeannett Manzanero from Palm Beach State college at the Palm Beach Public Library, Lantana branch. MIRA USA volunteers welcomed community members who attended the workshop while a brief video introduced our organization.  Dr. Jeannett […]

Taller ¡Becas si Hay! – Palm Beach

MIRA USA Palm Beach organizó un taller llamado “Becas Si hay” dirigido por los conferencistas invitados, Erik Moncada, Lee Rodríguez y Jeannett Manzanero de Palm Beach State College, en la Biblioteca Pública de Palm Beach, sucursal de Lantana. Los voluntarios de MIRA USA dieron la bienvenida a los miembros de la comunidad que asistieron al […]

Ecological Day in Palm Beach

On November 17, at the Environmental Center of FAU University in Palm Beach, an ecological integration activity was carried out with the miraists volunteers. A day that allowed them to learn about the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. Click here to see the photos