On September 14 in Houston TX – MIRA USA conducted a workshop called “There are Scholarships! Get informed with MIRA USA”. We shared with the company of Lone Star College, LULAC and FIEL Houston; in which the panelists made aware of the importance of seeking higher education, the application process for universities, obtaining scholarships and all the financial aid provided by the government as well as other non-profit entities of this country.


The workshop took place at Rose M. Avalos P-TECH School cafeteria, 2430 Aldine Mall Rd. Houston, TX 77039 Rte. with the duration of two and a half hours and the attendance of over 150 participants.

Our educational program aims to inform as well as motivate hundreds of immigrants and their families to continue with their intellectual preparation.

Education is a driving force for integration where not only allowing the immigrant to better understand the economic and social dynamics of this country, but also makes them a subject of contribution for the interests of this nation.

Millions of immigrants are unaware of the benefits of further education and many are unaware regarding accessing these opportunities, or how education operates in the United States therefore our workshops allow them to become informed with the benefits of this country during the transition from high school to university.  

This free event was offered in Spanish with the aim of informing and preparing parents and their children on taking this important step and clarifying questions and concerns regarding the process, requirements and the benefits of obtaining higher education.

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