MIRA USA is a non-profit organization that promotes the social integration of immigrants in the United States.

We work with dual focus towards the adaptation of the immigrant to the sociocultural surroundings of the country, and towards the acceptance of the immigrant as a positive contributor to the community.

MIRA USA currently operates in 12 states and strives to continuously improve the quality of life of the underprivileged, serving as a channel through which various services and information could be obtained.

Vision Statement

An integrated community with a positive perception of immigration in the United States.

Mission Statement

Promote social, community and civic integration of immigrants in the United States.

Who is a Miraist?

Miraism, more so than an ideology, is a lifestyle. It is a way of feeling, thinking and acting differently. It is not limited to a single nationality or language. On the contrary, it crosses cultural barriers and takes in any person who wishes to take a new course.

A Miraist is a person who not only speaks of righteousness and honesty, but makes the difference through their behavior in every sphere of their life. Applied ethics.

A Miraist is one who dedicates his existence to the benefit of those who need it most. He or she detects necessities not yet satisfied in others and then creates solutions to increase the quality of life and human dignity.

A Miraist is a leader who seeks to offer not a short-term or temporary solution but who is also dedicated to diffuse Miraism, generating more leaders with the purpose of promoting active citizens, who will turn into creators of their own solutions in the future. In other words, “not only offers the fish, but teaches to fish.”

He who is not indifferent before the suffering of his neighbor and likes to lend a helping hand is a Miraist.

He who does not base his decisions solely on his or her own perspective but promotes others’ opinions and deliberation is a Miraist.

In conclusion, every human being is a potential Miraist Feeling, thinking and acting differently is not a matter of nationality, race, language, or culture, but rather of practicing Miraism.