With Great Willingness and Enthusiasm, Miraists Volunteers in Elizabeth, NJ Took Part in a Beautiful Activity, Adopt-A-Park.

This activity took place on Saturday, September 15th, in Mattano Park. Approximately 40 volunteers, including adults, teens, and children, arrived at 9:00 am sporting their blue shirts and ready to work. Before starting, the group received a brief training on how to properly plant a tree. Together with Betty Kelly, an Environmental Specialist from the Department of Parks and Recreation and the park’s maintenance crew, fourteen large trees (Black Pine Trees/White Pine Trees/ Red Oak) were installed in locations around the edge of the park to replace older, mature trees that have reached their prime.

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We were also accompanied by the Union County Freeholder Chairman, Sergio Granados who gave many thanks to MIRA USA for their support and effort in this beautiful activity. Likewise, the Department of Parks and Recreation were very thankful for the extraordinary work done by all the MIRA USA volunteers. They were able to see the amazing teamwork in which everything was done and how organized everyone worked, characteristics that define who we are as miraists.